So you're thinking of getting started in the exciting hobby of Archery and Bowhunting?  That's great!  Here are some things to consider:

  • What sort of archery are you interested in - the 3D target and Bowhunting that our Society promotes or 2D target (aka Olympic Archery)?  The equipment requirements of these disciplines varies considerably; some of our members are also members of the local target club
  • What sort of bow interests you the most - Traditional (Longbow, Recurve) or Compound?
  • Are you left or right eye dominant?  This will usually determine whether you shoot a left or right handed bow

Any bow regardless of type (indeed, all archery equipment) must be suited to the individual archer, and arrows must be matched to the bow.  While there are all sorts of great deals on archery equipment available, if you don't know what you need chances are you'll end up with something that isn't appropriate which results in frustration and wasted dollars, potentially even injury!  Before rushing out to purchase any equipment we strongly encourage you to come out and see us for some advice as to what gear will suit you.

Interested in learning to shoot

We run an introductory course once a month - check the Calendar for upcoming dates.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to attend one of these sessions.

The introductory course will give you the basics of shooting, introduce you to safety on the course and will give you a taster of what 3d archery is like.

Intro session cost is

  • $60 for families ( two adults and dependant children under 17)
  • $40 for seniors
  • $20 for Juniors
  • Cubs are free
  • There is a $20 non refundable deposit required for the session

Those who complete an intro session get 3 free rounds* on our beginners course  (part of completing the intro session). After that normal costs apply. And of course you can then shoot as a member or non member on our course.
* The course fees are waived for your free rounds - hire of equipment is extra but we strive to keep these costs to very reasonable levels

If you're interested in membership, details can be found here.