Interested In Joining Us?

We are an inclusive club and welcome new members. If you are interested in coming along we meet on Sundays for a 10am start, if this is your first time come a little earlier. We do have some rules.

If you're new to archery and have never shot before but are interested in seeing what we do then you are welcome to come and walk the course with us. If you have never shot before then you must attend one of our introduction to archery sessions that we hold monthly. If you are interested then have a look at our Getting Into Archery page.

If you have shot before and want to try out our club then we do ask that when you attend one of the club officials evaluates your level of skill with a bow before allowing you on our course. We also ask that you read and agree to our club safety information and follow the instructions of the club officials. Normally on your first outing you will be in a group with a senior member of the club. Your first two sessions at the club shoots on the Sundays are free. If you decide that you enjoy the club you can of course join. However you can shoot our Sundays only with us as a guest. There is a green fee for shooting the round.

Senior Casual non-members green $10

Family casual non-members ( two adults and dependant children) green fees  $30

If you don't yet have your own equipment you can hire the equipment for a $10. The green fee costs are the same for juniors and seniors.

Membership Benefits.

As a member you are entitled to shoot the course during daylight hours on Sundays (our "Club Shoot" day), and also Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from noon to dusk. All Members must have their club I.D card on them at all times and have their I.D sticker on their vehicle windscreen otherwise the land owner has the right to move you on..  No If's, No Buts!! This is to protect the interests of the club and the landowners.

Also green Fees are reduced.

Member -  Green Fee $5  with own equipment, $5 to hire club equipment. Green fees are the same for juniors and seniors.

We also have a very social group of members with access to a wealth of experience and interests in archery and the outdoors. And run and attend competitions throughout the south island and beyond.


Membership Costs

Senior Membership
(Over 16yrs)


Junior Membership
(10 to 16yrs)


Cub Membership
(up to 10 yrs)


Family Membership

(two adults and dependant children, domiciled
at the same address up to 17 years of age)


Membership is pro-rata , please refer to the membership form for fees when joining throughout the year.


If you are interested in joining you can complete the membership form that is found here Membership application Form , or come to one of the club days and speak to a club official.

We ask that all members read and understand the safety rules of the club that can be found here: - Course Safety rules.