Howdy everyone, time for a bit of an update...


With our lease agreement formally signed at long last, and with this we have agreement for shooting on two days of the week:

  • Sunday - during daylight hours (i.e. continues as present).  Casual archers are welcome to come along
  • Wednesday - noon to dusk, Members only are welcome to use the course

This is welcome news to many people I know, and I'm sure everyone heading out there on Wednesdays / Sundays after the main club shoot in the morning is over will remember to write their names in the book (in the box on the side of the container) and pop the green fees through the slot wink

It sounds like everyone who went to the South Island champs at Hari Hari had a good time, great to see some Canterbury representation on the podium!  Remember the South Westalnd Bowhunters Club will be having their Xmas shoot on Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th November, click here for the flyer.

Pencil in Sunday 9th December for our club Xmas shoot - details to follow but it'll probably entail a round in the morning, perhaps a few fun & challenging targets and either a BBQ or perhaps a Pub lunch somewhere nearby.  Stay tuned...